Adventures in the Field

From Pixel to Cell: Embodied Education Online


What –
AITF Digital is a crafted Embodied Education model that resources you to experience, map and utilise your embodied intelligence. It is a self-paced, online learning environment providing over 100 visual, sonic and written resources organised in a progressive sequence. These resources are experiential, movement-based, multi-sensory activities that invite you to consciously listen, move, see, sense, touch, sound and imagine things differently.

Why –
Life is an integrated creative process, but life on this planet is under threat. Re-integrate into your environments and recalibrate your impact. It is imperative for our survival. AITF Digital can resource this process. It has been realised to energise social action at an individual level with the potential for global impact. Paradoxically the less we focus on humans as the centre of all things, the more humane and life-sustaining we become.

The cell, as a fundamental unit of life, is intelligent and innately creative. AITF Digital invites you to consciously experience this cellular intelligence by recognising the shifting states of you and your environments, noticing the wisdom that arises from this creative process, and actioning this out in the world.

How –
Adventurers commonly use AITF Digital in their transitional spaces ie: travelling to and from work/uni/school, preparing for a meeting/presentation/artistic or sporting performance, recalibrating at the beginning or end of the day, helping to focus attention when writing/making/doing. Developed by Live Particle – artist/educators Camilla Maling and Dr Angela Clarke, this innovative online platform can be accessed from your computer or phone. You can keep the site open on your preferred device for easy access so that you can easily dip in and out anywhere, anytime.