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Hi there, this site was created for you by Live Particle. We are a Melbourne-based start-up who design live and digital multi-sensory experiences for cultivating embodied awareness. Site artwork design is by Justine Henry and the online development is by Studio PDA.



AITF Digital is a quest for deeper connection and integration. By engaging in multi-sensory, movement-based activities, you can activate creativity, release stress, alleviate anxiety and feed your psycho-physical health. Here, embodied awareness is at the centre of all things.



AITF Digital aims to inspire you to actively explore and experience how you are a sophisticated composition of intelligent and creative cells, continuously in dynamic relationship with your environments (internal and external). Attuning more closely to how our integration with one another and the dynamic systems of our planet can guide us into skilful living, learning and caring that is life-long and sustainable.



In 2014 at The Yoga Lab in Melbourne, Camilla Maling offered a trilogy of workshops entitled Adventures In The Field Trilogy. Her work was all about embodied research, education & adventure and sat at the intersection of art and health. Bringing an awareness of our extraordinary cellular intelligence back to the people, was her mission. Those early workshops were the seed of the adventure you’re now embarking on.

What followed was the synthesising of a 9-zoned model in 2015 delivered in live experiential workshop format in Australia & NZ – this was known as Adventures In The Field (AITF). In one of those workshops was artist/educator Angela Clarke who was developing a practice as research PhD at the time. Her burgeoning body of performance practice work, Wild Life: The Lived Experience of Artistic Creativity, resonated greatly with the material being presented and to cut a longer story short, Angela became instrumental in the maturing of AITF into the multi-zoned digital quest it is today.

In 2018 Angela and Camilla launched Live Particle – an enterprise dedicated to raising awareness of and the need for embodied education that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.



If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

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